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Roxy's work ox-perience at Kingerlee continues...

The Adventures of Roxy the Ox Continue! 🐂✨


Today, Roxy embarked on an ox-citing tour of some of our projects in the heart of Oxford city centre. First up, he paid a visit to Dragon School, where he got to ride high in the cherry picker and digger and lend a hoof to lay some flooring. Next, Roxy trotted over to Wadham College, to visit the Special Projects team for a bit of scaffold inspection before soaking in the Oxfordshire skyline from the roof. If that wasn't enough excitement for one day, Roxy even got his hooves dirty with a spot of tiling at one of our private residential projects.

To wrap up his day, Roxy enjoyed a coffee and a cake at Barefoot Bakery. Barefoot Bakery has teamed up with Kingerlee to offer special rewards for those who find our sponsored ox along the OxTrail when it goes live in July.

Stay tuned for more surprises and adventures as Roxy’s work ox-perience with Kingerlee continues…