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Recent Projects
  • d'Overbroecks College, Oxford
  • Keble College Kitchen, Oxford
  • St Anne's College New Library, Oxford
  • Brasenose College, Oxford
  • Exeter College, Oxford
  • Farndon Court, Oxford
  • Lincoln College The Garden Building, Oxford
  • Oxford and Cherwell Valley College
  • Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies
  • Pembroke College New Quadrangle, Oxford
  • Ruskin School of Art New Art School, Oxford
  • St Antony's College The Gateway Project, Oxford
  • St John's College Senior Common Room, Oxford
  • St John's College Kendrew Quadrangle, Oxford
  • Wellington House, Winchester College, Hampshire
  • 1-4 Keble Road, Oxford
  • Winchester College, Hampshire
  • Oriental Institute Library, Oxford
  • Merton College, Oxford
  • 15 Norham Gardens, Oxford
  • Medical Sciences Training Centre, Oxford
  • Oxford Brookes Enterprise Centre
  • Corpus Christi College Kitchen, Oxford
  • Nuffield College Kitchen, Oxford
  • The Nuffield Department of Medicine, Oxford