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Shinfield Health Centre

Client: Assura Group Ltd

Location: Shinfield

The new two-storey structure consisted of driven piled foundations, with in-situ concrete ground beams supporting precast concrete planks to the ground and the first floor.  This particular footing design was chosen due to the footprint of the building extending partially over an old quarry.  The main structure is of load-bearing cavity walls.  The roof is formed using timber trusses and the internal walls and partitions are of concrete blockwork with a plaster finish.

The work also included the installation of electrical and mechanical services complete with a GRP Rainwater Harvesting system, attenuation tank and pumping station.  

An 8-person passenger lift ensures easy access to the first floor whilst the Air Handling Unit maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the building.  

The Building is complemented externally with the planting of traditional shrubs and bushes and the whole area is enclosed with oak fencing. A lighting scheme throws light onto the car parking area and building during the hours of darkness.

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